Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kit Kelen - record keepin -- filing all yr own stuff for future reference

can I please encourage everyone to keep the best record possible of your own work ... however yr creating it ... can I also suggest the metablog is probably the best place for more detailed discussions of all of these things... this conversation thingy here is limited, unreliable and liable to disappear!
... it's important to keep yr own records because the finder in the blog is so diabolically crappy ... and my hunch is that when we start collecting for the anthology we will start by asking people to send their own selections of their best few pieces ... so yll need to have yr files about you in order to do that!....
just sayin'

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kit Kelen - Projects for 2017

Projects for 2017

With November off to a flying start, I would like to again canvass the possible projects for 2017. I'm hoping someone (or a group of people) will take the reins for a new Project 365 for next year, but there have been no solid offers so far. Also I'm looking for people who are interested to be on the editorial board for the Project 366 anthology I hope we'll be putting together. If you're interested in that or in participating in Project 52 or A Conversation in Poetry, but haven't told me yet, could you please send me a private message. Project 52 and A Conversation in Poetry, are the two projects I'm planning to run next year, but I don't want to bore those who are not interested with organisational details about them. I think the 366 anthology is something we really ought to do but it will only work if we can have a group of people willing to put in the hard yakka in terms of editing, designing and also fundraising.