Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kit Kelen - foreshadowing discussions about next steps and next projects

Dear all,
                I'm going to make this super-brief because I know people don't have time to read anything that isn't.

I want to suggest the options for next steps/projects that spring to mind to me as of now

Project 365 
I won't be running this, but it would simply be a project for next year along the lines of 366, augmented as those participating see fit.

Project 52
The idea here would be weekly posts, from a group of people interested in developing materials out of 366 - possibly for book m/ss. I'm not sure how public/private it ought to be or what kinds of feedback system ought to be a part of it. I guess participants might nominate the kind of feedback they're looking for.

On-Screen Poetry Slam 
People write poems for pictures as they appear, in a time-limited, though not necessarily competitive effort to match the visual work with words. This could be of interest to people who are interested in more conventional slams.

A Conversation in Poetry 
No time-limits, no need for daily posting, but every work is a response to a specific previously posted work (or possibly more than one work). I'm not sure how it starts!

Of most interest to me personally are The Conversation in Poetry and Project 52.

But what do people think?

And also to remind people that we need to think about the 366 anthology issue for when the shutters come down on this one (which I frankly think is more likely to be in January or February 17, rather than December 16).

I hope we can discuss these things on the meta-blog (rather than on the message thread)!


  1. I am interested in 52 and conversation in poetry.

  2. Possibly 52 - although not sure if my way of working will fit yknow really I just need to go off into my own zone and tweak until I'm tweaked out which might be short and sweet or anything but. Possibly the conversation. Thanks for the great ideas.

  3. The Conversaton in Poetry idea is a very stimulating perspective to me! And the Project 52 with the feedback purpose also suits my notion of being part of a community. .. let's start!!!!

  4. it would be nice to find a volunteer to run a Project 365 next year ... and to kind of keep in touch... I think that's not the people on this thread so far, but maybe somebody knows someone

  5. I would love to participate in a Project 52 and a Project 366 Anthology. I've been largely absent for the past few months, since I just don't have time during the semester (heavy teaching load) to be very active.

  6. Good to know that. It all sounds exciting to me, Kit. Especially The Conversation and Project 52.

  7. Kit, I don''t think I will be able to keep posting on such a regular basis. I have. a big year coming up in 2017, but would be interested in being involved in some way in the anthology. Possibly Project 52 because I really enjoy the sense of community in this. All might become clearer as January comes around.

  8. Project 52 interests me, at this stage, Kit.