Saturday, December 31, 2016

Next year

Very much interested in either a Project 365 again or Project 52. The Conversation in Poetry perhaps too. Replying to Kit's post from September. Unable to offer any assistance in running things - too many family commitments at present and study too.
LOVED being part of this - wish we could all get together in person and just yarn around a fire or something - just once... Or at least some of us.


  1. Project 365 keeps going for as long as people wish to keep it going. So feel free to keep posting. Many people still are. Project 52 involves proposing a specific plan towards publication. It is a small group and will not have a fb presence. A Conversation in Poetry won't be starting for a while yet. And yes finding time to run things is a problem, for sure.

  2. Got it! It's not impossible that I'll post other poems on 366 blog... it was so good, an addiction!