Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 and poetry

I am posting this in the man metablog although it was organizing nally pisted as a comment to Lizz. I realized I had gone beynd just replying.

Dear Lizz,

What a moving statement you have made. You did better than me because I almost gave up in the first or second week. And then I thought what a cop out, keep going. I almost stopped again in February after my beautiful dog, Freya died suddenly. But she insisted I write about her, so I did. And so it goes on. Quite a few duds among what I wrote, but there are also poems I'd never have written if I hadn't hung in. I remember June as an especially talkative month between poets responding to one another - but by no means the only month.

I'm also quite amazed at what seems to work when you think, oh that's definitely a dud - and then someone responds saying love it, wow or something similar and as you say, it keeps you going. I've also been thrilled by the many different ways poets approach poetry, the range, the subject matters and styles - while I know this, to see it is another matter. Thank you for broadening my poetry education which is a never-ending task and one to take right to the death bed I reckon.

I loved seeing all your visual art, especially the head series. It was such a very different way of seeing.

No doubt we will bounce off one another again - individually and collectively. We should put ourselves forward as a group to one of the writers or poetry festivals.

The other big plus for me is that I was meant to be working on my novel this year and I was so lost that I just couldn't do it. But the daily poem writing has given me material to turn into prose (mostly) and in fact it's really helped me find certain elements of my novel that also wouldn't have happened. So thanks to everyone for your part in that. For that reason I have to pike out now and focus on getting it completely finished among a range of other things on my plate. Maybe I can participate in the 52 project. We'll see.

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