Tuesday, January 10, 2017

from Jeltje

Writing on the blog every day I felt was performative, I liked the activity of gathering thoughts one part of the day, and putting it all together whenever there was time, usually in the late afternoon. It was such a buzz, too, to be read, immediately, and to read the poems that just kept on pouring out, from everyone, such a privilege to be part of this. I was stopped in my tracks by the sudden passing of my sister Li, I couldn’t find my way afterwards, and as the year drew to a close, and the blog was also closing down, I wasn’t able to write the poems I would have to liked to, to continue. Everyday I look at 365+1, and it’s a bit like standing at the edge of a swimming pool, and not being able to dive in, not yet, wait… a little longer. I’d like to thank everyone, and especially, Anna Couani for encouraging me to take the initial plunge… it’s been a wonderful experience. jeltjex

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