Sunday, August 7, 2016

Contributors' page – admin stuff

Dear Everybody

I've tidied up the 'Contributors' page at 366 to make it look better – or so I fondly believe.

Please check your entries to make sure that all the links are still correct and I haven't inadvertently omitted any vital information. Let me know if there are any changes I need to make.

And in future, if you have any glitches in your posts that you find yourselves unable to fix, please contact me at rosemary dot lifemagic at gmail dot com (of course with the dots and at not spelt out).

Dear Kit

Did you mean to put the link to the metablog in the list of Pages because you thought it fitted there better? Or would you like me to shift it to the links list?


  1. thanks Rosemary
    and yes I think the metablog list should be in the list of pages
    or maybe in both places

    1. No worries. One place is probably enough; I'll leave it as is.

    2. There is no links list but I think we should have one.