Monday, August 1, 2016

About the indexing of an anthology publication

Kerri Shying had some interesting stuff to say about indexing a possible anthology on the other operational dialogue. She suggested that by indexing, the threads that have occurred naturally in the writing in the project could be identified and accessed via an index. She and others she's in contact with have the skills to create an index when the time comes.

We talked about the possibility of creating thematic sections in an anthology too. I personally don't like that, find it reductive.


  1. Thanks for your summary Anna. Aside from any formal indexing adding a Label gadget to the blog would give visitors an extra optiin for navigating what is now a huge amount of creative work. Labels might attract some extra attention from readers and might also attract search engines when someone is googling a particular theme or poetry issue. Contributors who want to label their posts could do so from now on or also label retrospectively if they have the time. I think it's worth doing myself.

  2. I have noticed your labels Lizz and wondered how you do that. It's probably obvious but I haven't yet found that obvious key!!!

  3. Susan have a look at your next new post - you'll see 'Labels' at the top of the right hand menu (which is called Post Settings). Click on Labels. Existing labels will appear in blue. Click on one or more of those if they apply. To add a new label just type in the box. Don't forget to put a comma after each if typing more than one.

    To add labels retrospectively just click edit at the bottom of you post in the post list (you might know that already) and just add labels as above.

  4. I think one of the issues we have already is the fact that the blog is carrying over 4000 posts. Newer visitors would mostly only look at recent posts I suspect - except where they are interested in a particular poet and might be proactive enough to search for more of their work. They need incentives/teases/'pathways'???