Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kit Kelen proposes a meditation on daily practice

a meditation on daily practice

Dear all,
As per the poem I've just posted to the blog today, I'd like to suggest what one might call 'a group meditation' on the idea of daily practice (or, in our case, perhaps I should say daily public practice). What does it mean to show our working like this to the world? What does it mean to the world? And what does it mean to us? I know from my discussions with poets and artists who haven't wanted to join us, that something like 366 is anathema to many who consider themselves – and who take themselves seriously – as poets and/or artists. So if you'll indulge me in turning the question upside down – what does it mean to be an artist or poet and not do it every day/not show it to the world every day? Is there something extreme about what we're doing? Is there a politics of this? A psychology/sociology? Were we just born this way? What are we about?

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  1. Dear Kit,
    I'd really like to respond to this and other matters on this metablog, but I still can't do so. Any tips?