Friday, August 26, 2016

Kit Kelen - re project mentoring Chrys on 366

Dear all, 

                 I'm just writing to see if I can involve some of you in a time-limited more intensive practice on 366, as follows. Many of you have been translated into Indonesian by Chrys, and over the last month many of you will have been reading his original stuff as well. So he's got to know your work and you've got to know something about his writing – topics, style and so on. In fact the work Chrys is doing on 366 (both original and translation) contributes towards his PhD thesis, in the area of Creative Writing pedagogy. Chrys's thesis will be a portfolio consisting of original creative work (in English and Indonesian) and theoretical work about communities of practice (of which I think Project 366 is an impressive example).

Probably a lot of the draft work of Chrys's yv been reading so far will end up in the book of poems he'll produce as part of his thesis project. But he has more to do! And so, I was wondering if some of you would put your hands up to respond to Chrys, and advise him, on a daily basis towards the production of new poems, poems that will help him to complete the collection he's working on. It would be fine to even offer suggestions for possible poems, or to give instructions or procedures for the creation of particular works as you think appropriate. (Of course Chrys will be free to ignore any suggestions he doesn't like!) What I'm hoping to achieve here is something like a group-mentoring situation, and one that leaves definite traces for the record, and so would be open to discussion as a process later on.

I'd like to start this off on 1st of September if people are up for it. I will be a part of it myself. Let me stress, I don't want to hive this off from the rest of 366 in any way. I'd like this more intensive interaction to be seamlessly a part of the overall project. I know it might involve a little thematic narrowing for some to play a role in such a specific conversation. So it's not something everyone needs to do. And perhaps it's not something you'd do every day (although I would like some of us to try to do just that!) But please do let me know if you're interested.


  1. I can do something but I am run ragged until after 11 or 12 September. And unavailable from 1 Oct. Is that useful?

  2. I've already started chatting with Chrysogonus in FB Messenger. Kit has advised that he wants the chat to be more public, so from now on, I'll post comments on Chrysogonus' poems.