Sunday, July 31, 2016

FINALLY I answer the first questions.... Kerri Shying

Has It altered my creative practice? Oh yeah oh yeah. I have written more poems on the Blog than I have off it. EVER. I have returned to writing, basically and writing daily. I always wrote and in most forms, but never had a scrap of confidence as a poet as it seemed to have rules and a culture way above my head. The participation in the blogging with the bloggers scrapped that - same as all writing. Work. Lovely lovely work.
 Has reading and viewing the posts of other contributers to the project affected your creative practice?  Truly, madly, deeply. I often get sparked off by a run of subjects a line a phrase and also fall with relief at going to myself "so you can do-say-expel" that.
So for me it is a school that is replacing the school I did not go to. For a non-uni writer that is very good.
Through Participating in the project have you reassessed your personal creative practice?
More chance of me continuing to write poetry alongside other work and actually have the confidence to publish and read it out.

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