Saturday, July 9, 2016

Anna Couani - about collaboration

Some of the people in the project are collaborating on their actual texts. Like Michelle Seminara and Robbie Coburn. How do others feel about specifically collaborating? At present, many of us find that we're bouncing off other people's poems but we could do other things. For example, as Michelle did, rewrite another writer's poem, or we could alternate beginnings and ends, write alternate lines etc.

The translations are a bit like that, thanks to Chrysogonus and others although you need to understand the languages to fully appreciate them.

I really enjoyed making centros from lines from some of the poems - I chose personifications, wrote them as a list, then started arranging them in poems. Because I don't use personification in my own work, it was fun to manipulate them, especially to take into my own work, text that had more affect than I employ.


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  2. I liked the personification cento poems of yours that I read, Anna.They inspired me to write one myself using the titles of
    the project poets' poems.