Monday, July 11, 2016

Kit Kelen - a little scaffolding to frame our personal 366 reflections

Before going on to the next topic on the discussion list, I think it would be good if people could start by giving a picture of themselves and their art process as it relates to 366.Beatrice has made a nice start but here are few questions you might consider in order to scaffold a freeform statement about your participation.

1. Why were you interested in joining Project 366, and how did you see it relating to your art practice before you got involved?
2. How does working with other people affect your art practice/ process? Does it also affect / change your style of working? In what way?
3. Has Project 366 been a good way for you to be with others in an art practice community? Does it feel like a community to you? Why?/Why not? How?/How not?
4. Do you see 366 as a dialogue? If so, in what way? Can you see ways in which it could be more of a dialogue or a better dialogue?
5. Has working on daily artmaking through Project 366 affected your work or the way you work? If so, how?
6. Do you think others in the project have influenced you / affected your ways of working or your subject matter?
7. How have you found the cultural diversity in the project so far? Has this had any effect on you? Do you think things could be different / better in this regard?
8. Do you think there's what you could call a learning process going on through the project? If so, could you describe that?
9. How do you see your role in the group?
10. How has participation in Project 366 affected your sense of yourself as an art practitioner?
11. How would you like to see Project 366 develop for the second half of the year?
12. What do you imagine after Project 366? (Both in terms of group art practice with a comparable vehicle and in terms of your own personal practice.)

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