Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jeltje Fanoy - some thoughts on questions 10 and 12

10. How has participation in Project 366 affected your sense of yourself as an art practitioner?
I'd like to focus on this question, because it allows me to talk about my pre-occupation about a generalized perception that, in this particular era, only a certain way of writing poetry attracts funding, and is therefore worth publishing.
Project 366 seems to free its participants from possible self-censorship in this regard, and I feel I'm part of a community of poets who are extremely diverse and interesting. And I love th translations!
I write for performance, as well as for th page, and quite a bit of my time is taken up with trying to do both, at th same time, for every poem. This makes progress a little slow, perhaps a little slower than expected. Hopefully that's acceptable!

12. What do you imagine after Project 366?
From my own experience, and from reading th work of others, I think th blog encourages participants to write in series of poems, either conceptually, or on themes.
After Project 366, we may see quite a few manuscripts-in-progress, which is a great thing.  

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